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Dizzy Scent Tubes - Now available with hands free applicator

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Dizzy Scent tubes are available in plenty of different flavours. The range contains fish attracting ingredients as the Dizzy Scent original range. All flavours are UV enhanced and are packed with fish attractants, fish feeding stimulants and natural flavours to give your lure of choice that extra appeal to whichever species of fish you're targeting. They are very effective in both fresh and salt water.

Dizzy Scent is a family owned Australian business and all their scents are hand made to ensure the highest quality. Dizzy Scent was originally developed by Darren "Dizzy" Borg, one of Australia's top tournament anglers. The 3 x AFC, 1 x ABT national champion developed Dizzy Scent to assist him in competitions.

Now available in hands free applicator exclusive to tackle addiction!, simply squeeze scent onto lure and rub in with applicator, no messy hands

 Available in:

UV Aniseed : Red in colour with a aniseed scent

Muddy Gudgeon: Scent specific formula for fresh water 

UV Garlic : Green in colour with a garlic scent

Secret Weapon : Cream in colour with a UV additive as well as a strong fish attractant.

UV Yabby : Bluish in colour with a strong fish attractant and Yabby oil.

UV Mussel: New to our scent range "UV MUSSEL" , tested thoroughly on a multitude of fish species , from saltwater to freshwater with outstanding results especially design to be used on Mussel Vibe and lures! 

Green Weed : Specifically designed for chasing Luderick Weed flies and Weed baits, this is the only green weed scent on the market and has proven itself time and time again

UV Crab: Pink in Colour, heavily infused with Crab Scent and UV additive

Dirty Roe: Orange Coloured Dirty Roe has been used with great success from competitive Bream and Flathead anglers

UV Baitfish: Saltwater everything scent, with real baitfish additives and UV

UV Pilchard: Pilchard is an alrounder for slatwater and one of the favorites, loaded with UV also

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