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Decoy Zero Dan ZF-IS Bladed Jig Head Offset

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Combining the rolling-flash of a vibrating bait with the proven performance of a jika-rig, the Decoy Zero-Dan Flash 3/0 Offset Hook is a lethal technique around baitfish-hungry predators. Constructed using top-of-the-line components, the Decoy Zero-Dan Flash Offset Hook features a super-sharp 3/0 Decoy offset hook, swiveling weight, and a custom-designed vibrating blade. A perfect pairing for a wide-range of soft plastic swimbaits, the Decoy Zero-Dan Flash Offset Hook deliver unique design that is loaded with action.

Decoy is a small Japanese company based out of the city of Nishiwaki. They are dedicated to providing anglers with the highest-quality fishing tackle for the most cutting-edge techniques on either side of the Pacific. All Decoy products are backed by a strict quality control and made with an unwavering commitment to excellence that makes them ready to catch right out of the package. 

  • Hook Size: 1/0 & 3/0 Offset Hook
  • Weight: 7gr & 9gr