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Damiki Underspin Jig Head 3/8oz

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**Please Note: 3/8oz sizes come with Red eyes**

Taking the “Damiki Rig” to the next level, the Damiki Rig Underspin Head adds a little flash to your presentation and helps generate more bites. Designed for vertical jigging during the cold water months for suspended and lethargic fish, the Damiki Rig Underspin Head features a center balanced weight design and a 90-degree line tie, which allows it to spiral through the water column as it sinks then sit perfectly horizontal on a tight line to mimic an injured or dying shad.

It also features a pressed scale pattern blade attached by a premium ball bearing swivel that reflects more light and resembles the bright flash of a swimming baitfish. Armed with a razor sharp Viper Hook that delivers lightning fast hook penetration and covered in a durable chip resistant powder coating, the Damiki Rig Underspin Head is the perfect tool for cold water jigging when you need that little extra flash to attract bites. 

Weight: 3/8oz

Hook: #2/0

Qty: 3