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Daiichi Seiko Knot Assist 2.0 FG Knot Tool

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Daiichi Seiko FG Fishing Knot Tool

The Daiichi Seiko FG knot tool allows anyone to tie the perfect FG knot from light estuary line all the way through to heavy offshore line. The tool is very simple to use and provides peace-of-mind that your FG knot is working for you and not against when you need it. After all no one likes losing a PB fish to knot failureā€¦

A very easy to use fishing knot tool to assist in tying an FG knot. The knot assist tool tightens the braided line and keeps tension on one end of the leader, so it is easy to tie a FG knot without the knot slipping. Comprised from a carbon material to help reduce the weight and easy to use, the Daiichi FG knot assist 2.0 is arguably the best FG knot assist tool on the market.

Product Features:

- Can use from PE 0.3-6

- Can use Leader 3lb - 70lb

- Compact Folding Style

- Made in Japan