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CRANKA Minnow 59mm Deep Suspending Crank Bait

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The CRANKA DM-59 Deep Minnow is a slim profile, deep diving minnow imitation which has been designed in Australia for a wide range of different fish species. This lure has a tight action at the head with a nice wide tail kick and it suspends perfectly in saltwater! Perfectly suited to slow rolling, twitching or jerking, this lure has proven itself on a wide variety of fish species. The CRANKA 59mm Deep Minnow is available in many natural baitfish and prawn patterns.


  • 59mm Slim Profile Baitfish Pattern.
  • Weighs 4.0 Grams.
  • Fitted With Highest Quality Japanese Hooks And Rings.
  • Suspends In Saltwater.
  • Internal Weight Transfer System for Longer Casting.
  • Dive Depth 1.5m - 2.0m.
  • Natural Baitfish Colours.
  • Subtle Knocking Sound Output.
  • Natural Prey Swim Action.