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Berkley Shimma Fork 100mm Soft Bait Lipless Vibration

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Heading out on the water in search of some barra, redfish, flathead or jewies? Ensure you grab the Shimma Shad Fork Tail Soft Vibe Lure from Berkley.
The natural swimming action of this lure transmits vibratons on the lift with a flutter on the drop and is available in three sizes and multiple colours so you can catch more fish! Featuring a uniquely designed fork tail, tapered shape and UV spray-paint accents to attract predators as it heads to the depths. The Shimma Shad Fork Tail Lure by Berkley has been designed to mimic a real bait-fish, with life-like features including intricate scales, fins, gill patterns and 3D eyes. The high quality thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) material ensures strength and durability, whilst the through-wire construction and high quality Japanese Owner treble..


  • This lure features a natural vibrating fork tail action
  • Life like design mimics a real bait fish with intricate scales, fins & gill patterns and 3D eyes
  • Made from high quality thermoplastic elastomer material
  • Featuring a tough internal wire and weight system to handle aggressive strikes
  • Extremely sharp Owner treble hooks
  • UV spray paint accents help to attract fish
  • Size: 100mm 
  • Weight: 20gram