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Asakura Clamer Mussel Clam Pipi Vibe Crank Bait

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Asakura Clamer  (patented)

The Clamer is a unique Hardbody design with multi-functional use in mind, it can be used on slow retrieve like a crank bait or as a vibration lure with a unique fall action as it flutters down. The Clamer is straight through wired and fitted with quality rings and ultra-sharp finesse treble hook designed right here in Australia and made in Japan.

The Clamer is designed to be slightly open but sealed internally with part of the lip muscle protruding out to add extra action as well as internal rattle to entice fish to bite. There are 12 unique colours ranging from mussel, oyster, pipi, clam and more. The Larger Giant Clamer 4.5cm is designed to target Snapper, Grouper, Drummer and more while the smaller two the Tiny Clamer 2.5cm and Clamer 3cm is designed for Bream, Flathead, Trevally, Snapper. 

With a Unique Fluttering action on the drop, this lure can be used to fish any depth by simply counting down to reach a desired depth. No other Vibration lure has the same flutter action on the drop on the market , a super realistic colour scheme the Fur Finish also allows scent to be able to stick longer to the lure and a softer landing on the cast as well as more natural feel.


25mm -  4g

30mm  - 7g

45mm  - 14g

FF - Fur Finish, 1 Side full colour alternate side fur finish