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Adusta Pick Tail Swimmer 7" Soft Bait Swim Bait

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ADUSTA Pick Tail Swimmer is a 7" Swimbait lure. The action on the lure is incredible and has been tested thoroughly in Australian waters.

The lure has been in collaboration with ADUSTA and has been hugely successful on Murray Cod and will no doubt be successful on many other species including saltwater species.

The lure comes fully rigged and is ready to tie on and cast straight out of the packet.

TYPE - Slow sinking swimbait
WEIGHT - 70g 

TARGET - Barramundi ,Murray Cod, Mulloway, Flathead

The [Pick Tail Swimmer] is a swimbait features a natural size, shape, detailed color, and lifelike balanced swimming action. The shape and dimensions of this bait look just like a real bait fish, the back of the bait is designed to prevent it from floating up unnaturally, allowing you to present it perfectly throughout the water column.

The body shape closely resembles a number of large bait fish including shad, trout, and perch.

Lures Adusta Pick Tail Swimmer are perfectly balanced – the head stays stable and constant, but the tail has a lively action.Designed with our special “slash-cut rib construction” at the base of the tail, there is no chance for the bait to roll. It also transmits tail vibrations even at slow speeds, creating an irresistible, natural tight wobbler.

The inverted triangle shaped tail and “slash cut rib construction” allowed us to design this bait with the right shape, size, and tight wobble action – all while keeping the bait from rolling during the retrieve. The dorsal fin helps balance the bait, similar to the way the tail does, allowing for a steady retrieve. The pectoral fin allows the bait to stay perfectly balanced and completely horizontal during the retrieve – it also helps prevent the bait from lifting.

High strength stainless steel construction throughout the bait makes it extremely durable, even when fighting big predator fish. The head of the bait features a low center gravity and houses the bulk of the weight attached to the internal wire frame, this further enhances to the lifelike swimming action.

Strong wave motion
* Powerful water displacement *Life size wobbling bait ADUSTA presents the [Pick Tail Swimmer], a swimbait that combines aesthetic appeal and lively action. Predator fish will not be able to resist the lifelike “match-the-hatch” shape of this bait, not to mention its realistic wave motion and natural tail shape.
Slow Sinking


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