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Adusta Penta Shad 3" soft bait

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Adusta Penta Shad 3"

The ADUSTA Penta Shad  3" has been extensively tested in Australian waters and has caught Bream, Bass, Yellowbelly, Flathead, Aussie Salmon and Mulloway. The amazing action of the lure is proving irresistible to fish. The more people using the lure the more species it accounts for. The plastic is infused with salt and scent. The lure was designed to have a lifelike action with a great wobble and look like a small swimbait.

Size: 3"

QTY: 6

ADUSTA Penta Shad - An aggressive wave motion and wobbling action similar to a swimbait. 

The [Penta Shad] has a small body and was developed with the goal of combining lifelike action with a great wobble similar to a swimbait. Thanks to the triangle shaped body, like the keel of a ship this bait is able to move through the water with a stable swimming action.

By designing the base of the tail to be thinner, the dimensions of this body are unique and allow for an exceptional tail action as it wobbles from side to side.

By swimming with the head slightly down, the bait imitates a weak bait fish struggling to escape to deeper water. The tail is a teardrop shape and is set into motion immediately upon touching the water. The thickness of the bait, combined with its keel shape, enables it to move efficiently through the water easily and not be distorted during the return. The raw materials used in the construction of this bait are dense, providing perfect balance and castability.

Using the right materials is crucial for ensuring the bait has the perfect tight action when the tail is engaged

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