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13 Fishing MUSE BLACK Spin Rod

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Lighter, crisper, and more sensitive!

The 13 Fishing team has improved the previous Muse Rods by adding new tech and new blanks to the range making them one feature packed series.

13 Fishing has been able to increase the sensitivity of the Muse Black Rods through the development of the new Evolve Airfoil Carbon reel seat. Transmitting the faintest bites, knocks, or lure movements through the rod directly to the angler allowing you to fish with confidence.

Each Muse Black Rod has a 40 Ton Graphite blank at its core providing a crisp, sensitive blank for anglers but not compromising in strength and durability. Finished off with FUJI Alconite Guides to provide anglers even more sensitivity and improve on casting distance and accuracy without sacrificing durability.

Since its beginning, the Muse Series has been designed around technique specific applications providing anglers with that elite piece of equipment they have come to expect.

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