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Review: Mussel Vibes Lures , do they really work?

Posted by Steve Pourniotis on

The Mussel Vibe or other terms used are Mussel Lure, and the Muss is another variant widely used for other versions of this Lure.

These lures are a replica of a Mussel which is found throughout our estuaries and harbour's, this is especially true around made made structure like wharf pylons, marinas, pontoons and boat hulls.

Micro Mussel are a representation of the shellfish 30mm in size is a perfect bite sized morsel for a big bream, 2 years of research and development has gone into this lure, the way it sinks and flutters down, size and dimensions to match estuary mussel's, down to the presentation of the shell itself found on live mussel and the single treble which assist in perfect hookset.

Watch our You Tube review on the all new Micro Mussel Vibe Lure, do they work and on water test in Sydney Harbour fishing Marinas.

Put some in your tackle box as this is yet another way to target bream and has become a very successful option.