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Seaguar Premium MAX Fluorocarbon Shock Leader

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Seaguar Premium Max 100% Fluorocarbon Fishing Shock Leader

Seaguar Premium Max is a super premium fluorocarbon line with the best shock aborbing and flexibility among Seaguar lines. The line employs two soft polymers to make the flexible and tough line.

Kureha is the first company to develop fluorocarbon line in market, and still the only polymer manufacturer of fluorocarbon line in Japan. Seaguar lines are made of the most advanced polymer material in market directly from Kureha Chemical R&D department.


  • Premium Max is Seaguar's Premium Softest Leader Material
  • Premium MAX has a thinner diameter than all other leaders on the market
  • Clear color
  • Made in Japan
  • 30M Spools
 Leader Diameter
2lb 0.104mm
4lb 0.148mm
5lb 0.165mm
6lb 0.185mm
8.5lb 0.220mm
9.5lb 0.235mm