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Rapala DT08 Crank Bait

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The DT® series was introduced quickly took the USA Bass scene by storm. The DT® Series is made of the top 7% of selected balsa wood to ensure the lures all have the desired action and buoyancy. Designed to dive quickly to the pre-set depth and stay in the strike zone longer than other crankbaits on the market.

Available in a wide range of colours from natural baitfish and cray patterns to reaction colours to cover all bases. The DT 08 allows anglers the ability to use the the DT range in shallower water like rivers, creeks and other skinny water. Ideal for targeting bass, yellow belly, Murray cod and even trout when they are holding deep in the structure.

The deep cranking phenomenon is sweeping the market here for Australia and the DT range is leading the charge.

Size:           50mm
Weight:      11gr
Depth:        2.4 to 6m
Buoyancy:  Floating