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RAID Maxx Blade POWER Chatter bait

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Raid Japan's braided jig is developed based on the two contradictory concepts of "slight" and "strong", "Type-SPEED" and "Type-POWER". It also targets fish that are

While pursuing the ideal bladed jig, it is of course necessary to have a type that can be said to be the royal road, “strong waves, slow and firm appeal”. However, the opposite possibility of "a type that supports high-speed retrieval with micro-waves and ultra-high-pitch action" cannot be discarded.

A bladed jig is originally a lure that strongly appeals to bass lurking in turbidity, waves and wind, or in weeds and bushes due to its strong vibration. , It is also true that there are many fields based on open water.

While searching for a bladed jig that is effective in the field environment in Japan, I strongly felt the need for elements such as "microwaves, ultra-high pitch, and high speed" that are different from conventional bladed jigs.

With that in mind, Maxx Blade  has a lineup of two types with different strengths, "Type-SPEED" and "Type-POWER".

The development concept of Maxx Blade  Type-POWER is "a type that can appeal firmly with strong waves and slow motion", which can be said to be the royal road of bladed jigs. The strong vibration that became possible because the bladed jig was polarized into "light" and "strong" has a strong fish-collecting power that searches for fish scattered over a wide area, and can be used when it is rough due to turbidity, waves, etc. It is characterized by the power to appeal and pull out fish through shields even in rough conditions, weeds and bushes.

Vibration that is strong yet refreshingly transmitted makes it easy to imagine the underwater situation and allows you to continue fishing with high concentration.

In addition, in order to improve the "low snagless performance" which can be said to be the weak point of bladed jigs, it is equipped with a brush guard that combines hooking ability and guarding power.

The presence of the brush guard allows you to boldly attack the cover, greatly increasing the range of strategies. Type-POWER goes well with Fullswing 4" / 5", Egg Chunk 4", and other voluminous trailers with large resistance. It is good at attracting fish in good condition.

Maxx Blade  Type-POWER is the ultimate lure that demonstrates explosive power in rough conditions, when you want to pick up fish from a wide range at a good tempo, or when you want fish in good condition, "This is a bladed jig!" It is a power type standard bladed jig.

Available in 11g and 14g