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Pro Lure XS36 Wakebait Crank Bait

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Pro Lure XS36 CRANK

The XS36 Crank bait have fast grown a reputation as a truly reliable Bream crank. The reason for this is simple; the D36 and S36 are winning tournaments, Along with this the XS36 has been released. XS Stands for Xtra Shallow, fished super slowly this crank can be used as a Mini Wake bait siting on the surface of the water producing a wake in its trail, speed up the retrieve and the XS36 will drop to 0.1m up to a max depth of 0.3m depending on the speed and retrieve.

This lure will be dynamite over Shallow mangrove edges, Rocky flats and ultra shallow presentations over weed beds where big Bream feed

  • Length: 36mm
  • Depth: 0.1m - 0.3m
  • Weight: 3.8gr
  • Buoyancy: Floating
  • Hooks: #14 Decoy¬†