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Jackson Chibukuro 36mm Vibe Sinking Lure 8 grams

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Chinukoro vibe is a special vibration bait for bream, Black and yellowfin bream, this vibe has great appeal to bream and other species looking for food in shallow water like shrimps and crabs etc. We recommend using Chinukoro vibe properly to expand the possibilities and catch rates of seabream fishing. Two things below are the points the team focuesd on. 1. Absolute casting ability This vibe comes in 8g , it flies perfectly because of its unique body shape and exquisite weight balance, it will seriously blow your mind. 2. Snag free This vibe is relatively snag free , even if it gets stuck in the rocks, the body rises up using the tow point as a fulcrum enabling the angler to release the lure easily. It falls to the bottom with the hooks facing up, which appeals eliminating the snagging problems with most vibration baits. The design and hook choice and placement will allow the angler to fish heavy cover and rock covered bottom where most vibrations will get snagged up, its action is super sensitive and the angler can finesse the lure and feel every bite.

Size:             36mm
Buoyancy:   Sinking

Weight:       8gr
Made in JAPAN