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Jackson Artist FR 70 Sinking Jerkbait Crank Bait

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JACKSON Sinking Jerk Bait Minnow Lure ARTIST FR70

Easily one of the top lures on the market right now (and Jackson’s most popular lure worldwide), the Jackson Artist FR Lure is an allrounder bibbed sinking minnow with an action that entices an incredibly wide range of estuary species. This Lure is a magnet for Jerkbaiting Yellowfin Bream on the East Coast, and especially for Black Bream in our southern states and WA, Trout specific colours and dynamite on suspending Estuary Perch EP's
It corresponds to “Fast Retrieve” of day-game.  It can correspond to not only fast but also dead slow, and has the high stability and versatility from the night game to ultra-fast retrieve of the day game, and twitch and jerk.

Sinking bibbed minnow.
An incredibly versatile lure that will catch a host of species.
Tight wobbling action that works with fast and slow retrieves.

How to use the FR70 size:

Our most effective action so far has been simply lifting the lure anywhere between 30cm and 90cm off the bottom (so small to medium rod twitches) every 1-2 seconds or as you slowly retrieve the lure. We often lift the lure at a slow to medium rate, but it also handles a fast-twitch with no problems.

Another really effective and even easier way is to simply wind the lure in at a constant pace along or near the bottom. So you cast out, let it sink down, and then start winding at a pace that's just fast enough that you can feel the wobble/vibration of the lure through your rod.

The lure does all the work for you, and you'll feel that no matter what action you decide to use.

Size:             70mm
Buoyancy:   Sinking
Weight:       6gr

Made in JAPAN