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Jackson Artist FR 55 Sinking Minnow Crank Bait

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Jackson Artist FR55 Lure - 55mm

Originally designed for trout, the Artist FR55 is a certainty for other Australian species like bream, bass, perch and more. They're still a small sinking minnow, and their compact size allows for a fairly good cast whilst only weighing 4g. A simple slow winding retrieve works wonders with this size, and the odd pause every now and then can also bring the bite when the fish are being more timid.

The FR55 comes rigged with two #12 trebles that are super sharp and heavy-duty enough to handle anything from tiny bream to big flathead, there's no need to replace them.

Benefit of sinking crank baits, means you can cast your lure and count down to the desired depth, then begin the retrieve.

Size:           55mm
Weight:     4gr

Buoyancy: Sinking