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Blue Lip Baits Pygmy Mussel Finesse Vibe hard bait

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New release Pygmy Mussel designed and made over in Western Australia by tournament bream anglers. This finesse mussel will be suited perfectly over in the east coast as a structure bait, small and light this mussel can be cast hard up into structure, behind pontoons, wharfs, marinas in quite backwaters. Pygmy straight sink rate and will not spiral or twist on the sink.... Our inhouse testing has found this mussel perfect when trying to fish the top half of the water column in deep water structure, the slow sink rate gives bream plenty of time to see this bait falling infront of their face!

Available in 2 Weights, light 1.3 and heavy 2.2g and are most effective when cast near structure and areas where mussels are naturally found like bridges, jetties, pontoons, boats and submerged timber.

How to fish: Naturally Mussel's do not have an erratic action, these are best cast hard up to structure and fished in a dead stick technique, slight rod movements to make the mussel slide along the mud bottom. Most hits will come in the first cast as the lure sinks down the water column.

Designed and tested by tournament anglers in Western Australia these have proven to be very successful in targeting big bream.

Through Wired
Solid Tough Body
Impact Resistant
Weight 1.3g and 2.2g
23mm long
Quality Decoy Treble
Designed and Made in Australia