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Berkley Gulp 4" Sandworm Soft Bait

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The Berkley® Gulp!® 4” Sand Worm is the most life-like worm imitation you will ever thread onto a hook. 
With hundreds of micro legs surrounding the outside of the bait, the Sand Worm looks natural as it distributes subtle vibrations into the water, forcing fish into thinking it’s real.
The hollow body construction also means this lure collapses upon a predator’s strike, allowing for guaranteed hook ups and a natural feel within the mouth of the fish.
Combine this with the irresistible Berkley® Gulp!® scented formula and you are ready to target any fish that eats a worm, from beach to estuary environments.
The Gulp! 4” Sand Worm is available in a mixture of exciting colours to ensure you have the right bait for whatever type of environment you choose to fish in.

Size: 4"

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