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TSU DW39 Crank Bait 35mm Deep

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TSURINOYA DW39 Mini Crank Bait

  • 35mm
  • 3.8g 
  • #14 BKK trebles
  • Floating
  • Deep version
  • 1.6-2M
  • Tight Wide action
  • Superb Quality and swimming action

1.We pursue high response crankbait in all swimming and utilized fixed center of gravity, weight placement body design is thoroughly implemented to achieve the best distance in the class.
2.3D simulation eyes, more tempting reflective better, big and bright eyes have much attraction to fish.
3.The streamlined body guarantee a stable and seductive swaying action.
4.Through wire design to increase the stability to get big fish easily
5.Built-in steel ball, the added weight produces jaw-dropping casting distances