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STRIKERZ Scent 30ml Tube

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STRIKERZ 30ML Scent Tubes

“Glow Worm” – Glow in the dark and packed with natural fish attractants and bite triggers. Glow Worm is easily charged by natural light or “supercharged” by torch.

With our natural fish proteins added to this scent, even when the glow starts to dim, it will be sure to keep working for you.

You will recognise the smell of this scent immediately and just know it will work.

“Nuclear Pilchard” – Absolutely packed with UV, a well known bite trigger in fish.

This scent will stay on your lures for longer and keep working cast after cast. With a subtle smell and our unique ingredients, you just know it will work.

“Psycho Shrimp” – A subtle smell that really packs a punch on all types of lures, this scent is especially good on worm, yabby and prawn profile lures as well as hard bodies. Packed with UV, this scent will soon become a staple in your tackle box.

“Angry Aniseed” – Aniseed is an old favourite of many fishermen and women, and for good reason! It works!

Our Aniseed scent is great for all types of lures, but holds especially well on hard body lures.
This scent is one of the most popular scents in our range for freshwater fishing.

“Garlic Gravy” – It is no secret that garlic scent on lures works well, Our garlic scent is no different.

With added UV, strong garlic smell and our unique ingredients, this scent will perform for many casts without the need to recoat as often as some other scents.