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Strike Pro Reaction Baits Shrimp Bugs

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Strike Pro Reaction Baits Biodegradable

Strike Pro reaction baits scientifically activate fish senses, attracting them to the baits using "Pheromone Fusion", a pheromone formula and scent. Strike Pro Reaction baits outfish both live and dead baits. Strike Pro Reaction Baits are the better bait alternative.

  • Pheromone fusions natural pheromone technology promotes aggresive fish behaviour.
  • Biodegradable eco friendly soft baits
  • Use as a lure or as bait. Fish will eat Reaction Baits if they are being worked as a lure, or if they are being fished like a dead bait.
  • Leaves Scent trail in the water which attracts and triggers fish into a feeding frenzy

SIZE: 40mm

QTY: 17