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Platypus BIONIC Braid X8 Fused Line

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Bionic Braid was born from a collaboration of pioneering Australian sportfishing anglers who noted the short comings in existing braided and fused gel spun lines and set out to make a braid that was both distinctive and superior.

So, Australian Made Platypus Bionic Braid and its distinctive pink colouration were born. As world travelled anglers the anglers involved had a distinct advantage over the industry in that they did their own field testing on the toughest fighting and most iconic species globally. This saw Platypus Bionic Braid develop a strong following as a proven big fish braid, both as a mainline and also as a backing on fly reels.

Don's formula was to use eight carrier, when the industry standard was a four or five carrier, increasing the cost of materials and manufacture, however resulting in a smoother and slicker braid, that handled and wore well, with excellent knot strength.

Bionic is still considered by many to be the go-to big fish braid, for anglers fishing themselves and their gear to the limit.

  • Developed by some of Australia's best sportfishing anglers
  • Pioneering in terms of materials and manufacturing
  • Smooth and slick 8 carrier construction
  • Great handling and wear qualities
  • Excellent knot strength
  • Hi-Vis pink colour