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Mimix Jelly Prawn 40SP Crank Bait

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MIMIX 40 SP Jelly prawn is a new unique small profile suspended hardbait for tournament bream anglers. Because of the realistic colour pattern and realistic swimming action, MIMIX Jelly Prawn imitate like a real prawn swimming and kicking in the water. Jelly Prawn 40mm has weight about 3g which is about 20-30% heavier than any lure similar size on the market. The benefit of heavier weight is to increase the casting distance.


Jelly prawn is best with twitches and pauses retrieve techniques, which will dive up to 1.5m.

This special retrieve imitates like an injured prawn, bream will go crazy and smash them on the pause!


Type: Crankbait / Jerkbait

Length: 40mm

Weight: 3g

Depth: 1.5m

Action: Suspend


Comes with DECOY YS-25 treble hooks