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Jackson Athlete 55S FH Fine Hook Suspending Minnow Crank Bait

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Athlete 55S was developed as a small sinking minnow for light salt & fresh water, which is well know among many anglers. Based on its success the Athlete 55S FH has been designed and made into a suspending minnow. A suspending lure is perfect for fussy fish and fish that need a more finesse approach and the Athlete 55S FH allows the angler to entice those fish that are normally difficult to catch. Now with the new model anglers can now approach fish in stronger currents and also fussy fish living in stronger water with this new model.
The Athlete 55SFH is a model that is tuned to correspond to the changed natural environment. In tough conditions such as drought, fish are hard to respond to intense movements, that is why this lure is effective due to the slow fishing style that can used.

Since the 55FH is a suspending lure, it can be drifted in the water which in turn, gives it the ability to attack a certain range of fish much slower than sinking or floating lures. It has been tuned to suspend with a mountain stream fine hook mounted on it which makes it extremely handy.

The Jackson Athlete is definitely unique due to its ability to adapt and change to the environments thrown at it and is perfect for Estuaries and the Estuary species available to it.

Size:            55mm
Buoyancy:  Suspending

Weight:      3.2gr
Made in JAPAN